A member of our Care team will visit you and undertake an assessment of your needs. They will carry out a social care assessment with you to identify what support you may require at home in order to best meet your needs. Your Support Worker/s will leave a copy of this assessment in your home for your information and reference.

The Care assessor will also conduct a basic risk assessment to ensure that work can be undertaken safely in your home. If required, a moving and handling risk assessment will also be undertaken to identify any equipment and/or handling techniques needed for your care to be provided. 

Aspire Affiliates  ‘Care Delivery Pack’ will also be left with the support plan pack. This will be used by the Support Worker to record information about their visits and a summary of tasks carried out. It also provides information for other Support Workers, relatives, Doctors and Health Visitors. Your Care Plan and Risk Assessment will be formally reviewed every three months by a Team Manager or your Care coordinator  to check whether your needs have changed. However, Support Workers will monitor your care plan and if they feel your needs have changed he/she will let your Team Manager know.

If your care is being commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council, this assessment will be in partnership with your Care Manager.

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